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Egészségmagatartás és funkcionális élelmiszerek: hogyan vélekednek a hazai fogyasztók? Absztrakt Our researches aimed mainly at finding the connection between health behaviour and the consumption of functional foods.

During the research work, a nationwide representative consumer survey was carried out with respondents involved and focus group tests were done.

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According to our basic assumption, there is a significant connection between health behaviour and the consumption purchase of functional foods. They together have an effect on the willingness to pay for functional foods.

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An outstanding rate of the Hungarian population know that there is a connection between diabetes and heart u40 know and we get a similarly positive result analysing the connection between osteoporosis and calcium intake or the nation-wide character of osteoporosis. Two-third The majority It is a positive result that only one-fourth of the Hungarian consumers says that functional foods are only a temporary fad, they are here today and will be gone tomorrow.

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Eighty per cent of the respondents think that diet and nutrition play a major role in human health. The situation was not unanimous when we examined their trust in directing their own health perceived behavioural control.

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The above-mentioned together give a willingness to pay extra for functional foods. According to our own calculations the consumer would pay 57 HUF 0.

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In the near future, the strengthening of the behavioural control will become a very important issue in Hungary. If the consumers believe that they are able to direct their own life, u40 know they will be more likely to take concrete steps in order to protect their health actual behavioural control. In the opposite case, consumers will preserve the traditional eating habits, they will make irrational decisions and the state of health of the population is unlikely to improve in the near future.

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