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Schools, museums, gyms and hairdressers will be shut, with only essential shops allowed to open.

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Dutch households will be permitted a maximum of three visitors during Christmas celebrations. More here.

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Pot plants are good for you, so will you please get some? Why the generosity? No no, these things need to be done properly.

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Articles, videos, research, and more provide context on the present and future of sustainable investing. There are indeed other points than the level playing field, governance and fisheries which remain to be solved.

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Sidelined parliaments: With only 17 days left until the Brexit transition period ends, tárgyaló férfi st omer is still no trade deal, and also no explanation from senior officials of how the European and British parliaments can possibly fulfill their responsibility to scrutinize and ratify — or reject — any agreement on a new trading relationship.

More keresés single nő brüsszel this from our Brussels team. Bear with Barnier: On Monday evening, Commission President Ursula von der Leyen saw the leaders of the main groups in Parliament to talk deadlines, scenarios and legal solutions for each of them — and to convey the message that the European Parliament is not being treated as a negligible body on purpose.

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Hurrying up: The Council moved fast over the weekend, after EU leaders agreed on a compromise on the rule-of-law conditionality, and by Monday morning had completed the written procedures on the individual parts of the budget package.

The Multiannual Financial Framework, the Recovery Instrument and the own resources decision were all adopted unanimously, as required, and sent on to the respective next steps in the process.

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The Council summit conclusions that made the overall compromise possible?